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3 Tips for Marketing on YouTube

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If you want to market your website via your YouTube channel, then here are 3 tips for marketing on YouTube. It’s quite advantageous for you to depend on YouTube videos to market your wares. However, you should be subtle about it, or else your efforts will be met with minimal views, even fewer subscribers, and videos that appear more like commercials without the accompanying entertainment program to justify them. The best way to go about YouTube marketing is to create interesting, quick (about three minutes or so at least), and well-targeted (that is, made with your audience in mind) videos as your hook of sorts. If you manage to make your video go viral (that is, acquire millions of hits from it within weeks of its release), you and your site will be receiving extensive traffic from it with little to no investment on your part. A video that has gone “viral” is called such because it spreads among the denizens of the Worldwide Web the same way a virus would… quickly and with many people as possible. It’s also “contagious” because the people who watched it will send it their friends, and those friends will send it to their own friends, and so forth (which is quite easy if your video has somehow ended up in social networks).

Marketing on YouTube

That’s the absolute best-case scenario, thought; it’s easier to say you’re going to make a viral video than to actually end up with one. Even the most popular video makers on YouTube tend to be hit and miss when it comes to consistently producing viral videos, although their large subscriber count helps. It’s a lot more realistic to expect thousand-view videos related to current trends that already did go viral or topics of interest that specifically target your audience (as opposed to viral videos that gather everyone, even people unrelated to your market). Don’t forget to leave a link to your website on the description below the video so that those who are truly interested in your video content won’t forget to visit your site. It’s also advisable for you to make as many videos as possible so that you can gather views and subscribers in a more consistent manner by quantity and quality. The more adept you are at making interesting content that catches the eyes of your intended niche market without them looking like hard-sell proposition videos, the more likely you’ll end up with “profitable” traffic; at least, companies like the Empower Network do so..