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The Importance of Website Design for Business

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If you want your business to be able to compete in today’s tech-savvy markets, you need a good website design. Proper site design does more than establish an online presence; it uses a variety of elements to turn visitors into customers.

Catching Customer Attention

Your business website is like an online version of a store. The homepage is your “storefront,” the first thing customers see when they arrive. Product pages are the “aisles,” and information such as FAQ and buying guides direct customers through your offerings. However, customers aren’t likely to see these pages if your site appears sloppy, cluttered or indecipherable. Making a good impression with your homepage will help capture their attention.

Building Brand Recognition

You want consumers to be able to recognize your company at a glance. Good branding does just that, and your website affords a highly visible opportunity to bring your brand to a new customer base. Web design can create a unique brand experience through the use of a prominent logo, artful image placement and a consistent “voice” throughout your content. Over time, customers will come to associate these with your company.

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Making Things Clear

Font types and colors, background images, menu layouts and the organization of elements on a page all determine how visitors will react to your site. Using typefaces that obscure your content or menus that require too many clicks to get to relevant pages will turn people away. Once these potential customers are gone, it’s difficult to get them to come back. Keep them browsing with intuitive layouts, sensible navigation and fonts that are easy on the eyes.

Showing Relevance

Customers arriving at your site want to know that they’ll get exactly what they’re looking for. The content you present on your home page and on product pages should be clear, concise and relevant to your business. Information that is wordy or nonsensical doesn’t answer customer questions or help them find what they want to buy. Remember that most people skim when reading site pages and make sure that your content is laid out in a way that makes the most pertinent information stand out.

Creating Conversions

An ideal website design combines copy and layout to create a unique experience that drives traffic and increases sales. You want to practice good SEO, but you also want visitors to enjoy the time they spend on your site. The longer someone stays, the more likely they are to make a purchase. Don’t be afraid to give your customers a fun experience. As long as you can balance an enjoyable layout with quality content and ease of navigation, your visitors will stick around long enough to become customers.

Vicky is a web designer on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. She loves working closely with her small business clients to bring their ideas to life.

Why Hosting is Vital to Your Websites Success

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Website hosting is something that is often given little consideration. However bad hosting can affect your website to such an extent that your customer sales can be severely reduced.

There are a wide range of hosting companies available, each claiming to be cheap, reliable, and claim to offer the best service. Therefore it can be difficult to fully assess who offers the best package.

If you are looking to set up an online business and are looking into hosting packages, there are some basic points to consider before making a decision:


Uptime refers to the amount of time your hosting server is functioning and all the websites on this server are up and live. Therefore downtime refers to the periods of time when a website won’t load, as the server it is on has gone down and can’t support the websites on it.

 This is normal, however when it happens, it shouldn’t be down for long, and it shouldn’t happen often. Therefore you must check that your hosting company’s uptime is at least 95% and over. If you website goes down frequently and for long periods of time, those who visit your site will assume your business is unreliable and you risk your business appearing to be unprofessional. Your website must be accessible 24/7 to fit with our round the clock shopping habits.



Bandwidth refers to the amount of data your site can download from the server. Every time a visitor visits your site, and clicks to view different pages, they will be downloading data from the server. Therefore if you have a high amount of visitors, you must make sure your web hosting company provides you with the bandwidth size you require for your site. If you go over your allowance you will be charged additional monthly fees.

Some companies offer unlimited bandwidth which removes the worry that you might go over your limit.


If your website goes down, it is good to have a support line to be able to call. Therefore make sure your hosting company does have a support line which is accessible at all times should your site go down. Online businesses are costly to set up and maintain and if anything goes wrong you must have someone on hand to be able to get it back up as soon as possible. Any downtime or general problems will cost you money and your reputation.


Your hosting company is responsible for sending information from its server to your website visitor’s computers. Therefore the connection must be secure, especially if your website takes online card payments and private customer information. Your hosting company must encrypt this information to make sure it can’t be intercepted by any outside sources.

Loading Speeds:

We have all encountered a website which loads slowly causing frustration. It is important to remember that your competitors can be easily found a click or two away, so your customers will go elsewhere if given the opportunity. You must make sure your hosting does not cause slow loading pages. Online shoppers are usually lacking time, so anything that inhibits them will give them an excuse to shop elsewhere, which means your sales will decline.

There can be other reasons for slow loading pages such as over sized images, however make sure your hosting is not the cause. You can read hosting reviews to assess what others have to say about a hosting company’s performance.

About the author: Kirsten works for they provide useful hosting review and ratings from real hosting users, so others can establish who is the best hosting company to choose for their business.