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How To Promote Your Web Design Agency

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Target Your Niche

Your first task is to decide what sort of clients you want. Do you have experience with eCommerce and want to specialise in the design of eCommerce websites? Do you prefer designing corporate, creative, local or international websites? There are thousands of web design agencies to compete with so it’s crucial to decide on a niche audience to target. Your interests and experience may inform your choice, but also research areas where there may be a gap in the market.

Your Website is Your Showcase

Obvious, but often overlooked, it is the first thing a potential client will see. It needs to be high quality, current and user friendly rather than being overcomplicated in a bid to demonstrate every web design trick you know. Include a contact page and spell-check all of your content!

Develop A Portfolio

Consider how best to display your portfolio on your website. Consider categorising work by year to demonstrate how your style has developed over time or by website type such as eCommerce, review, or blog. Include screen shots of your work, a link to each site and a few words about the most important or interesting aspects of the design. Potential clients can have a close look at your work whilst having their attention drawn to the most innovative elements. Invest in a tablet computer so you can take your portfolio to meetings with potential clients. A well-presented hard copy is fine, but does not allow such close examination of your work.

Web Design Agency

Proactively seek new clients

Utilise your contacts to find out who needs a new website. Interact on Twitter and LinkedIn or approach local businesses direct. Get some business cards printed with your website, logo and contact details and keep them with you at all times. Talk to people about what you do! Add a link to your website and your logo onto sites you have designed. Get creative with how you seek out clients.

Be Generous

People love to feel they are getting something for free. An interesting and useful blog is a great way to provide free information to potential customers. You can also include freebies such as consultations, hosting, downloads, templates and extra features when clients purchase a web design package. Promote discounts and offers across social media sites to generate interest or even run your own competition! Encourage people to spread the word by implementing a referral scheme that gives clients discounts or freebies.

Optimise To Capitalise!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is important for making your website visible to target customers. Competition for general web design keywords is very high and difficult to rank well for. Go back to who your target customers are and try to make your website visible to them by launching an SEO campaign using keywords more specific to them. Choose keywords that emphasise the unique elements of your agency. See your SEO campaigns as an opportunity to demonstrate your skills with on-site optimisation too!

How To Market An Internet Faxing Service, Online

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If you own an online fax service, or are an affiliate of such a service, then you may want to consider marketing your website using the following channels:

  • Directory listing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Social Media

Here’s how you should go about exploiting each marketing channel:

A. Directory listing

Get your website listed with all high-PR directories. Start with the free directories and then move on to the paid variety once your website starts making some money. Hire an online marketing firm to get you listed on relevant directories. You must write razor-sharp titles and descriptions because these short descriptions will help generate business. Also remember to list your business on Google Maps. Listing with directories is easy and inexpensive, and it can get you many valuable links.


B. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO can help you reach the top of Google search engine result pages. Perform efficient SEO on your site (titles, tags, descriptions, keywords, highlighted keywords, blogging) and off it (content distribution, forum posting, etc.). Your keyword selection and placement has to be perfect if you want your website to be found easily.

Know that SEO is a technique that is best left to the experts, and therefore, hire and online marketing firm to work on your site’s SEO. If your business is local, do not forget to weave in your location right next to your chosen keywords or keyphrases. Also, stay away from Black Hat SEO techniques.

Search Engine Optimization

C. Pay per Click (PPC)

The sponsored ads that you see on search engine result pages are PPC ads. Typically you have to make a small deposit, bid on keywords and then release your ads. You can start with a tiny budget of $50 if you like. Every time your ad is clicked, your account gets debited by the bid amount. No money is to be paid when your ad is viewed – you have to pay only when it is clicked.

You must be sharp while choosing keywords and writing ads because you want each ad to bring in some business. PPC too is a specialized task and you must hire an expert PPC company to run your ads.

Pay per Click

D. Social Media

Social media can help you generate a buzz about your email-to-fax service. Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and other niche social networking and bookmarking sites can quickly help you spread the good word about your company. Hire a marketing company that specializes in social media to help you create this buzz.

Social Media