Changing Trends of Web Design with New Attributes

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In this Internet-centric era, the latest trends in web design reflect the ever-changing online world. As the world is changing day by day, the internet must change as well to meet up with huge requirement. Viewers want something new, fresh, and catchy when you are talking about the web design.

If you compare web designs of two years ago with current situation, you will definitely see a vast market difference. Web designs of two years ago were quite much structured and formal. The headers were simple and quite generic looking. The whole procedure of this program is not obvious but rather understandable. Now the subtle changes will eventually become more pronounced as web designing evolves.

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The Latest Trends in Web Design:

In technology, one year can make a world of difference and the changes can shape the way we design, test and market out websites. As we all know that technology changes faster than we can keep up with it.

New trends in web design start out as small albeit important shifts in particular areas in the design procedure. These trends are really good as it keep designers on their toes to give their clients and future client’s excellent services and new options.

If you are developing a site, there are many innovative piece of code or great idea you implement to make a client’s site a world one can be amazing today. However, it made to look amateurish within a month when something even bigger and better that comes along to steal your thunder. Due to the help of enormous technological changes there are some new tends that are slowly and surely being used in web designing and development;

1. Responsive Web design goes mainstream (RWD):

Over the following years, due to the unprecedented rise in the use of mobile devices, we are seeing there are countless websites that are designed to work on both desktop and phones. Now developers are seeking for more requirements to create the design that work on numerous screen measurements with different size such as 320 to 2500 pixels.

With the influx of new and innovative mobile devices, we can see the new alteration of increasing responsive web designs. A responsive web design will always allow a user to better read and the experience of high quality picture through the web from their laptop or desktop, tablet and cell phones.

In addition, a well responsive web template is designed to look great on a variety of different screen sizes, so anyone can view your site in a crispy and fresh manner where ever they go. However, we are thankful of using multiple devices and RWD for this abandonment of the standard of the standard width.

2. Web sites incorporate parallax effects:

When there is really no story to tell, some websites decide to take imitate camera movement with parallax effect. Now parallax effect creates an illusion of depth by making different elements of a web page move at several speeds as viewers scroll.

3. Valediction of mobile sites:

During the recent years, the business did not have a great looking and functioning mobile site to complement its desktop offer was considered to be missing a numerous potential customs. Having spent a lot of time that comes up with an answer that mobile specific websites will become an increasing irrelevance in near future.

It’s not true that people will stop developing websites for mobile abruptly, but the continuing move towards ever more responsive web design will mean that businesses have one website, predominantly optimized for mobile, but great looking on desktop devices, screen size or browser will run, fuel this website development trend.

4. HTML5 and JavaScript replace Flash:

This is true that the quest for a rich user is nothing new. So the term Rich internet Application was first used in 2001 to describe websites made entirely in Flash. Now many web designers have lived through the rise and fall of websites built with Adobe Flash. We must approach these same design issues in a new way by replacing with Flash with HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript, Canvas and many more.

5. The closing stages of different Apps:

Truly, mobile applications have been something of an elephant in the room for many months. Especially, it’s true in terms of those that are essentially a carbon copy of the websites or brand that they represent. With the help of a design and website development on the path to a one site for all way of thinking, the requirement for an app to look at something on a mobile device is certain to dwindle. So as the design get simpler, that will also mean apps, widgets and other add ones that we have become accustomed to seeing on homepages and throughout a site will become less commonplace.

Probably, we are not ready to see the closing stages of applications, but the end of non essential apps. At the same time, the websites will be developed for multiple purposes, expect the application with in the same way. So we are specifically synchronizing all the devices we use to a greater degree than ever before.

6. High sophisticated Page Scrolling and Navigation:

The navigation panels we have seen on certain application that now being integrated into websites as because of their interactive nature. Now more and more websites are offering these enhanced scrolling and navigation panels to help users navigate websites in a fun and effective way. Creative market offers a wide range of different advantages that help you to create ultimate navigation experience on your site.

7. Keeping your Web design simple:

According to the Idaho Falls web design experts, industry heavyweight and even highly respected academic, you must avoid having too much content and massive websites for the sake of it. Now developers still emphasis on having sprawling websites for no apparent reason.  However, some in the industry still believe that the more content you have to index, the better your opportunities of ranking higher. So it depends on the website. Now corporate web sites may be require to run into the hundreds or even thousands of pages.

On the other side,  web site developers should be turning websites into learn, mean and high performance machines over the coming months, especially as Google and other search engines become ever more focused on ranking sites with excellent user experience.

Moreover, it’s your turn to make predictions on the trends that we will be seeing in web design over the next year. Truly, now we are seeing more responsive Idaho Falls website design that integrates the website with different creative ways for viewers to interactive within a page. Click here for more information;

Successful Tweeting: Be Loud and Proud

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We all know it, social media rocks. It’s no longer that platform for needy teenagers either; it’s an essential tool for businesses. In fact, we’d go as far as saying that any establishment that has not devised a social presence is lagging behind their competitors substantially.

Another trick that many businesses miss is that they simply set up their social account, only to think that the work is over. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning and while the creation of an account is obviously a step in the right direction, far more needs to be done for you to beat your rivals.

To reinforce the point we’re trying to make, we’re going to turn to a case study in the form of the Policy Bee social guide. This is a company which didn’t have a gigantic Twitter base by any stretch of the imagination, but through some strategic decisions they were able to increase it significantly. Let’s take a look at some of the steps they followed.


Combined website and Twitter

The first step Policy Bee took involved barely any work at all. By simply linking their existing website with their Twitter account, they gave any visitors the prime chance to tweet and share content to the whole of the network. It’s something any website owner can do and this is one task which will take just minutes of your time.

Acknowledge any retweets

In the art of Twitter etiquette, failing to acknowledge any retweets is a big no-no. Anyone who understands the network knows that retweets are the bread and butter of successful social brands and even if you simply offer a quick thank you message, it will do wonders for your connections. If you can respond in somewhat wider terms than it’s even better; but the main thing, and this is again what Policy Bee found, is to just acknowledge others that have acknowledged you. If nothing else, it will encourage future interaction.

Tap into keyword streams

In another bid to encourage interaction, Policy Bee also took advantage of keyword streams that can be utilised via certain software packages. In short, these send out an alert whenever a particular phrase is mentioned, giving the brand the opportunity to respond in lightning-fast times.

It goes without saying that if your company is the first to respond about a user’s query about a certain topic, the chances of them jumping on your account and becoming a follower increase tremendously.

Harass those new followers

Once you have amassed all your new followers, it’s time to harass them. Well, not quite, but you should be finding out everything you can about them in a bid to reach out at any opportunity. If they seem like an individual who is in tune with your business, naturally, the next step is to follow them. Then, touch base with them just to let them know you’re around. The beauty about Twitter is that it gives even the most corporate entities out there a chance to show a ‘softer’ side with their customers, and this can simply derive in the form of saying ‘Thanks for following us’.

In summary, the message is quite simple – don’t rest on your laurels. Reach out, retweet and just make an effort. It’s the only way that your company’s Twitter explosion will occur – just ask Policy Bee.